Province 1: The Episcopal Church in New England

About The Client

Province 1 of the Episcopal Church is a collective of seven Episcopal diocese in New England. The Mission of Province 1 is to further the work of and deepen relationships in the Episcopal Church in New England. The Province accomplishes this by coordinating the interdependent ministries of its seven dioceses in a spirit of mutual responsibility.

The Issue

The website at Province was—and is—the primary communication vehicle for achieving the mission of Province 1. The platform on which the organization’s original website had been built was outmoded and required deep knowledge of web design and HTML in order to implement even the smallest content changes. Additionally, the categories that had been “hard-coded” into the website’s main menu no longer accurately reflected the organizations ministry networks. Aesthetic limitations in the original website’s design made it impossible to utilize simple tools, such as font sizes, colors and photography to prioritize robust page content. Province 1 was in need of a dynamic, interactive website, supportive of its mission, that could be easily managed by an administrative professional with little knowledge of web programming or markup languages.

The Approach

It was clear the Province 1 could benefit from a cloud-based drag-and-drop website builder. Many such solutions exist—Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, to name a few. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, unlike the cookie-cutter, template-based offerings of the past, today’s DIY site builders empower web designers to literally wipe the slate clean and craft a bespoke experience for the client that can be maintained by the client without them having to learn a stitch of code.

The first challenge was to find the best-fitting DIY platform for Province 1 based on a comprehensive discovery process—an intentional process of discerning of the client’s strategic goals, key messages, message priorities, and desired content—as well as an understanding of how end users wished to engage with Province 1 online. The second challenge was to translate what we had learned through the discovery process into an actionable brief and, later, a wireframe mock-up of the website. The next set of challenges involved building and testing the new website—concreting the imaginations outlaid in our brief and wireframe into a feasible design. Finally, Ionne Creative provided content management training and a limited period of hands-on support as the client became acclimated to the new web content management system. The resulting website at was a fully customized solution built on the Wix platform.


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