Sewendipity Lounge, Cincinnati, Ohio

About The Client

Sewendipity Lounge (SL) is a sewing lab and studio serving the Greater Cincinnati area that enhances creativity and skill through education and sewing events. The SL store offers a creative community, sewing instruction, fashion tips, alteration services, and more.

The Issue

SL founder and director Karen Williams was ready to act on a dream that had been years in the making. Karen dreamt of funneling her training and career expertise in clothing construction and education into a fulfilling business during her retirement years. Karen’s dream already had a name: Sewendipity Lounge. It even had a professionally-designed logo and slogan. And the business plan was taking shape, thanks to help from Greater Cincinnati SCORE. But SL was still in need of a comprehensive 360-degree mar/comms strategy, as well as partner who could implement the tactical elements that would make Karen’s dream a reality.

The Approach

Our ongoing relationship with SL began almost a year before the grand opening of the physical location. During the pre-opening period, we were busy with brand discovery and market research, which ultimately led to the selection of the downtown Cincinnati location and helped guide the website design process. Because brand development was such a crucial component of the new startup, we led the renovation of the SL store from concept (computer renderings) to implementation (hiring and overseeing the construction team) to completion (grand opening event management). Additionally, our work for SL has included photography, print design, videography, social media management, email marketing, public relations, vendor management, and business consulting.

What Others Are Saying

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Work Samples

Featured photo by Ron Hill Photography.



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